Caupain Consultancy started in the year 2009 and is currently led by Founder and Managing Consultant Claude Caupain. The organization is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is offering it services online to a global audience(based on the principal Think Global, Act Local). We are making use of online conference call facilities such as Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom to speak to our clients.

Caupain Consultancy

Mission Statement:

“We are on a mission to serve innovative, passionate and ambitious (Tech)entrepreneurs and Impact organisations, with a focus on underrepresented groups(People of Colour, Women, people with disabilities), underserved Markets and Emerging Markets, by supporting them via finding Funds, Business Development & Opportunities and Human Capital!”.

''We have tunnel vision when it comes to achieving your goals!''


  • We believe in innovation, transformation, sustainability and impact, equality diversity and financial inclusion.
  • We are driven by our passion, inspiration and motivation to work with and/or for the best around in business.
  • We connect ideas, people and organizations amongst others through our Financial Intermediation services, Human Resources & Management, Business Development and Software Outsourcing Solutions (via Emerging Markets)!

  • We look forward doing business with you!


Giving Back and Giving Forward

Five (5%) percent of our earned income, will be spend on a good cause (based on principle Give back and Give forward) in consultation with our commissioning organization.


Caupain Consultancy is always interested in partnering with companies that have the same values and likeminded individuals. We among others collaborate with an Investment Firm focussed on FinTech and Financial Inclusion in the United Kingdom. We also have partnered with Accelerators in the United States (North-America), Vienna (Europe) and Africa (Ghana) that support startups scale up their ideas, products and services. In Asia we have a collaboration partner in the area of Fundraising and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions).

Contact us if you would like to make an International impact too!


Caupain Consultancy in collaboration with partners, supports organizations with Capitalraising, Human Resources and Business Develoment and Software Outsourcing.

We provide information, advice and mediation in the area of (alternative) financing. Aside of  bank financing there are a number of other separate opportunities, such as subsidies, sponsoring, business credit, micro financing, business loans, lease, crowdfunding, (private) and/or institutional investment and family offices. Next to that we support organizations with Recruitment and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion matters.

Caupain Consultancy operates in all industries, but especially has the ability to be of service and of value in sections such as Web3, Blockchain, B2B SaaS, Cybersecurity, Artifial Intelligence, FinTech, HealthTech, HRTech, Food,- and AgriTech, Energy/BatteryTech, CreativeTech, SportsTech and other.


We can arrange the following financing and investments for our clients:


• Venture Capital (Private, CVC, VC)

National (The Netherlands):

• Venture Capital

• Private Equity

• Funds (Technical, Development Agency)

• Business Credit

• Credit Union loans

• Lease

• Banks

For offerings concering Human Resources and Business Development contact us.

• Grants & Subsidies

• Crowdfunding

• Microcredit

• Sponsoring

• Green Funding

• Factoring

• Peer to Peer Lending


Venture Capital Investor: we take care of extra dealflow, find a Co-Investor for new projects to expand the portfolio, find investable businesses in frontier markets and geographies, recruit a new Venture Partner or find a new CEO for one of the companies you invest in, Fund of Funds Mediation, find M&A opportunities for portfolio companies, advisory for portfolio companies, connect portfolio companies with SMB's and Corporates

Accelerator / Incubator: find Investors that could be matched to one of your startups, deliver new startups to join your program, assist in finding interesting organizations to colloborate with.

Startup / Scaleup entrepreneur and  SME companies: connect you with interesting investors that have knowledge and experience, recruit a Co-Founder and/or team, finding business deals that will make your company grow.

Startup, Scaleup, SME/SMB? Need Capital?

Please send us your Pitchdeck/Investordeck/Teaser if you are a Startup, ScaleUp or SME/SMB?!

We will review and revert our findings.  If we see chances for assisting you with raising Capital, we will contact you. Please note that when it comes to raising Investment it can take up to one year.

Send us your document via


Software Development and Outsourcing

We have partnered with Software companies in Emerging Markets that provide Custom Software Development and Software Outsourcing (access to skillls).

In Africa one of our IT partners is able to support with Web-, Mobile-, Desktop app development as well as with Product Design, Datascience/Engineering and Devops. Our other IT Partner in Africa is able to provides solutions in the area of Digital Finance (Banks, FinTechs and Telco providers), Customer Value Management, Network Switching Solutions e.o.

Our IT partner in South East Asia provides App, Web, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Datascience, Blockchain Development development services.

Our partner in Eastern Europe provides digitalisation and business automation services  to increase speed and lower costs within industries such as Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Robotics,e.o.

Next to previous mentioned Software Development partners, we also work together with companies in the West.

In North America our partner helps with AI, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Mobile app development, Custom Web Development, e.o. .

Our newest Software partner in Central Europe provides IoT (Internet of Things) development and Product Engineering Solutions

Are you a startup that needs to make a MVP or a SME that needs Technical assistance by IT professionals? Are you a large enterprise or government institution seeking new reliable Software?

Let us support you!

Contact us if you would like to receive more information.



Caupain Consultancy differentiates from other offices by working alongside with you as an entrepreneur.

  • We are therefore also available in the evening and in the weekend for paying clients. As part of our sustainability believes we as much as possible make use of sharing concepts, such as car sharing, flexible offices and we promote using public transport.

  • We stand for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion because it’s our believe that on the long term it offers the best results for the company and contributes to a better society.

  • Our network of investors include Venture Capital and Private Equity firms in Europe, North and South-America, Africa and Asia. Further we are part of a group of Black Investors in Europe and UK where dealflow is being shared. On Social Media we have onethousand plus (semi) warm Investor connections and contacts. We have a database of Funds and Investment firms that are Black Led and/or value Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

  • We believe in Impact and support Sustainable Development Goals. We contribute to solutions that resolve Financial Inclusion, the Circular Economy, Clean Water and Energy, e.o.